The Barn Yard Child Care Center

474 Canton Street
Westwood MA 02090
Our outdoor playground offers a large, open space, nestled in our backyard for the children to swing, slide, climb, jump, run, dig, push and pull wheelbarrows, swing baseballs and hockey sticks and space to just be free to explore the fresh air! We cover ¼ of our yard with an awning May – October which allows for some shade as well as an area for the children to play under when it lightly rains.

Outdoor play encourages a deconstructed approach to cooperation and collaboration. It’s also a nice time for siblings to visit with each other!
Outdoor Play
The Grass Area & Driveway

The Barn Yard offers opportunities for the children to run and play on a variety of surfaces the sand yard, grass areas and the pavement.  
Our older classrooms have opportunities to venture to the grass yard where they have special activities including, group times, relay races, soccer games and catching butterflies.

The Barn Yard driveway is often safety coned off during the day, allowing the children access a variety of bikes and push toys to explore. The children ride around the circle exercising their large motor muscles and joining in on imaginative play.