The Barn Yard Child Care Center

474 Canton Street
Westwood MA 02090
The Piglet Room
2 years - 2.9 years
9 children : 2 teachers
These imaginative, adventurous older toddlers are persistent in their self-help abilities; they exude confidence and want to do it “all by myself”.  
Potty training is introduced as each individual child exhibits readiness. This is an important collaborative effort between child/parent and educators. There is never enough talk about poop!
The Piglet Room provides a science area and children take part in the hands-on curriculum that the educators plan.  
Cooperative play is encouraged and the children start interactive play using the variety of manipulatives that are rotated weekly.
We start to see some budding relationships!
Full of smiles –full of it!! 
The young toddlers are welcomed into the “classroom” setting. The room is set up into several developmental play centers with enough toys on the shelves to introduce the children to the concept of turn-taking.
The goal is to guide the children through the transitions of the day so they can move from one activity to another and learn from each area of the classroom. Exploration and emerging sense of self are celebrated in this classroom.
A child’s satisfaction of mastering a skill and saying “I did it!” when they wash their own hands or complete a puzzle is what the Lambs are all about!
15 months - 2 years
9 children : 2 teachers
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