The Barn Yard Child Care Center

474 Canton Street
Westwood MA 02090
Our Preschool
The Colt Room
2.9 years - 5 years
10 children : 1 teacher
Our young preschoolers have found their voice!
These confident Colts continuously practice self-help skills and independence!
Through a variety of fine motor activites (like squeezing eye droppers, pinching clothes pins, hanging monkeys on yarn) this room introduces “writing”.
Utilizing a variety of art mediums, the Colts are encouraged to develop their “process art” abilities.
The children assume responsibilities in their classroom and take pride in their accomplishments.
The Farmer Room
2.9 years – 5 years
10 children : 1 teacher

Enthusiastic, silly, adventurous and generally excited about everything describes this age group.
This room is bursting with learning.
Keeping with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, our educator is continually changing classroom centers to incorporate Kindergarten Readiness skills.
Group times are a forum for the children to strengthen listening skills, math skills and “the words of the month”. The children master turn-taking and communicate with peers to resolve conflicts.
And then there’s lunch – the might well be the most “talked about” subject a child will share with you. The children master the self-help skills necessary for kindergarten survival! We learn, “less talking and more eating” while we socialize with our peers yet eat our healthy choices.