The Barn Yard Child Care Center

474 Canton Street
Westwood MA 02090
Our Infant Room
The Chick Room
3 months – 15 months
7 children : 2 teachers 
Lot’s of jibber-jabber and pitter-patter!
Our room is set up to cover all the developmental stages within this age range. We have a “quiet,” cozy pillow area which allows the non-mobile babies to be read to and cuddled. There is a specifically designed structure for the early stages of crawling, as well as having a low rise for walkers to successfully take steps by themselves. Once they are at the top, the ramp is a fun slide or just fun to crawl down! We also rotate several small activity structures the children enjoy climbing through. These areas are also the perfect size for children who are just learning to pull up to a stand or who are cruising.  
The toy shelf is routinely being changed with a variety of toys. This provides content stimulation for the children in the room. We have baskets of rattles, snap beads, stacking cups and rings, as well as cars and tops.
We will work closely with you to maintain the schedule that best suits your child. Open parent/teacher communication is the key to your baby’s success.
We encourage a child to grow at his or her individual pace; physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally.
The Chick Room Sandyard
    Located a step outside of their back door, the baby room has their own private sandyard. Here the babies have a shaded area where they can crawl investigating the surface and enjoying their “freedom”.